Fraser Anesthesia Machine

Our Price: $3, 000 USD

Location: Florida

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Product Description

Fraser Harlake VML – VMS gas anesthesia machine

Stock Number 103

  • fully refurbished and tested
  • 1 year warranty
  • Chrome Exterior
  • Chrome Absorber
  • Original Soda Lime Canister
  • Original Gaskets & O-Rings
  • Used- Good condition Pop-Off Valve
  • Original Manometer
  • Used- Good condition Flow Meter
  • Original Base, Original Pole, New Wheels

Add a used rebuilt isoflurane vaporizer for $950.00USD or add a new isoflurane vaporizer for $1,100.00USD

This machine has a Large Animal absorber and a Small Animal absorber, 1 flow meter, 1 flush valve. Only 1 vaporizer is needed.

Picture shown without flush valve or machine tubing. Both will be installed and included at time of purchase.

SKU D3841-1