Idexx sediment analyzer, strip reader and snap reader

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Product Description

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SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer

The new standard for urine sediment analysis

  • Delivers consistent, accurate results in approximately three minutes* from only 165 μl (four–five drops) of fresh urine.
  • Examines the equivalent of 45 high-power fields, then identifies and classifies elements within the sediment.
  • Produces high-resolution, high-contrast digital images that can be shared in real time.
  • Leverages cutting-edge Neural Network 4.0 technology to better identify abnormalities with each result generated.

SNAP Reader

In-house testing with proven SNAP ELISA technology

 Evaluate thyroid, adrenal and liver function and report results during the patient visit.

The SNAP Reader connects to the , a laboratory information management system that collects all results into an electronic medical record and prints them on an integrated report for easy interpretation.

IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer

Automatically reads and captures strip results


  • Save time and eliminate errors with one-button operation and results in about 80 seconds.
  • Automatically capture IDEXX UA Strip results and integrate with the patients’ medical records and invoices.
  • Improve results with consistent interpretation and color compensation for darkly colored samples.