IM3 Dental Machine



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IM3 Dental Machine

The GS Deluxe is a complete dental system. It includes a quality push button high speed handpiece with water cooling for fast sectioning of teeth, a 3-way air water syringe with the ability to select either water or CLS, and a low speed handpiece for polishing using iM3 R&R oscillating prophy angles that won’t wind up muzzle hair. Three way (air, water and mist) syringe is a useful instrument for washing away debris from the mouth. The tip is removable and autoclavable and can be rotated 360 degrees. The use of CLS in the dental machine allows for easy application of chlorhexidine into the mouth during dental procedures.

With P6 Scaler

Includes dental instruments:  2 scalers, 4 elevators, 1 probe, 1 curette

Approximately 5 years old and working well