About VEEN America

Veterinary Equipment Exchange Network (VEEN) is an exchange marketplace for veterinary practices to purchase and sell used medical equipment DIRECTLY from other veterinarians. VEEN is used by veterinarians all over North America. VEEN America is the American exchange marketplace.

Need appraisals or evaluations? Canmedical, a respected name in medical equipment, facilitates VEEN Canada and VEEN America’s veterinary medical equipment transactions and assigns market values for both used and new equipment.

Bob Simpson President

Bob Simpson, President

There are three ways to buy and sell on VEEN:

  1. Simple sale. A business-to-business sale, one practice to another, with VEEN America supplying only the marketplace, offering no inspections or guarantees.
  2. Service before sale. VEEN America, through Canmedical, is able to appraise and evaluate equipment, and is also able to repair and refurbish most non-working equipment so that it may regain some of its previous value and get it ready for sale.
  3. Fast Sale, fast purchase. VEEN America offers a fast, firm sale directly to a dealer, and the opportunity for a trade-in discount when purchasing through a dealer. Through VEEN America, sellers can request an offer from Canmedical for the fastest sale possible. Buyers can also use VEEN America to purchase this inspected equipment from Canmedical with a trade-in allowance from pre-owned medical equipment they no longer need.

Contact us with both your equipment needs and what you want to sell. Trade-ins are also welcome.

About Canmedical: Bob Simpson founded Canmedical and has sold, serviced, and evaluated medical equipment across North America for over 35 years. With established connections and respected experience, Bob is able to evaluate and appraise equipment on site and remotely, as well as inspect, service, and repair most equipment with his experienced team. Simpson himself specializes in film, radiological, and ultrasound imaging equipment. Recognizing a need for a marketplace exchange for pre-owned veterinary medical equipment, Simpson also founded VEEN and VEEN America.