Veterinary Equipment Appraisal Services

Need an appraisal?

VEEN America offers veterinary equipment appraisal services assess the fair market value of your “as-is” used veterinary medical equipment through Canmedical.

Have non-working equipment you need to sell?

VEEN America offers evaluation and repair (if possible) of most veterinary medical equipment, and we can offer you an appraisal of the refurbished resale value as well.

Selling your practice? Buying an existing practice?

Veen America offers a Canmedical evaluation of all clinic veterinary medical equipment so that you can use that appraisal information when selling or purchasing an existing practice.

Get it Appraised

Email a photo of the veterinary medical equipment that you wish to have appraised and include all the pertinent details. We will contact you with additional questions and information.