What is VEEN America?

VEEN America is an online exchange marketplace for resale veterinary medical equipment in the USA from one clinic to another, with the option of using Canmedical to evaluate, appraise, or repair equipment, and the option of selling directly to Canmedical.

VEEN has proven to be a valuable resource for veterinary clinics and practices all over North America for the last four years, offering Veterinary practices the option to eliminate the middleman and buy and sell directly, clinic-to-clinic.

Canmedical Founder and President, Bob Simpson recognized a need for a marketplace that allowed Veterinarians a choice to buy and sell their equipment “as-is” and “where-is” directly to other clinics without a middleman. He created VEEN as the answer to that need. Buyers and sellers have the opportunity on VEEN to communicate directly, saving time and money by eliminating the equipment dealers. VEEN America is the exchange marketplace for American veterinary practices to buy and sell pre-owned medical equipment.

VEEN America can also arrange third party on-site or remote evaluations and appraisals, arrange repairs, buyers can offer trade-ins to discount new equipment purchases from Canmedical, and sellers can choose a fast, firm sale directly to Canmedical if they prefer.

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