VEEN America Premium Equipment Services

VEEN Premium

Searching for used veterinary medical equipment, but want to be sure of the quality, value, and functionality of equipment before and after you buy?

VEEN America offers equipment services that give you the confidence that your purchase is high quality, good value, and fully functional.

  • On site evaluation and appraisal services
  • In-house evaluation and appraisal services
  • In-house repairs
  • Warranties at reasonable cost for most pre-owned or refurbished equipment
  • Professional moving services, which can include installation, of all your VEEN USA purchases.
  • Professional clinic moving services, for moving all equipment in your practice from one location to another.

Please contact us for detailed information on any of the premium services we provide. Our aim is to give you the confidence to be able to purchase the equipment you need at a great price!