Atlaim DR Digital X-Ray System

Our Price: $14, 950 USD

Location: Troy, MI


Atlaim DR Digital Veterinary Radiology System

  • Atal 8C Flat Panel Detector
  • Sensor array that captures radiographic images and includes peripheral electronic devices which convert true analog signal to the digital image format.
  • 3.5 yrs old
  • Control Box included. This triggers the detector panel by receiving signals from the work station. Also converts the input AC power into DC voltage to the Detector Panel.


  • 9m Data Cable to connect Detector Panel and Control Box
  • 3m RS232 Port Cable to connect Control Box and PC Workstation
  • 3m LAN Cable
  • 220 V AC Power Supply Cord
  • LED indicator; guides exposure timing for use
  • 3m USB 2.0 cable
  • CD 1: Calibration Software (ATAL Manager)
  • CD 2: DR P[eratopm Cpmpsp;e Spftware (Z View)
  • Workstation: Slim Tower PC (Model: Dell Vostro 260)
  • Network Adapter
  • USB to RS-232 Cable
  • Pedal to assist with LED indicator for hands-free starting to take image

Sold in “As is” condition


$14, 950 USD