Vmed Vetgard+ Patient Monitor w/ end tidal CO2

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Vmed Vetguard + multi-Parameter Veterinary Monitor

  • Bluetooth; wireless operation ranges upto 100 meters
  • Instant printed reports from your computer or network printer
  • Real-time discplay using Bluetooth linked to Windows XP, 7 or 8 caomputers and Windows 8 tablets
  • Electronic Caliper measures ECG complexes
  • Email report transmission with one-click
  • With interpretive ECG, temp, SP02, and end tidal C02
  • Includes protective case
  • With rechargable battery
  • Animal Validated NIBP
  • Mainstream or side stream EtCO2; Apnea and Capnograph
  • Monitors inspired and expired anesthesia agents
  • 4 blood pressure cuffs
  • 2013 model

6 month warranty


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