Happy New Year from VEEN America

We here at VEEN America, and our sister site VEEN Canada, wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched in the USA.  VEEN America Inc. will be introduced to the US market at the NAVC meeting in Orlando, Florida, as well as, the WVC in Las Vegas, Nevada.

VEEN America is a US company, registered in the United States, with US based banking and merchant services, making financial transactions with US based veterinary clinics much easier.   VEEN Canada has saved Canadian veterinarians hundreds of thousands of dollars in set-up costs for new startups, and we expect it to save US veterinarians just as much and more.

Canmedical, VEEN’s parent company are experts in international logistics, so we can arrange to have US items shipped to Canada and vice versa.  This is a huge cross-border shopping opportunity for both groups of buyers and sellers of veterinary equipment.  We broker the transactions and the customs issues for you as well, taking that headache away from the purchase decision!!

Get on board with us at VEEN and let us partner with you for better, more affordable veterinary medical care for the veterinary industry.

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